Properly managed and executed PPC campaign give your company a fast booth in exposure and traffic that ultimately increases leads and conversions. Pay-per-click advertising is by far the fastest way for companies to increase leads and conversions. The idea is to pay for your ads to display first for select keywords in search engine results for very specific audience that are seeking products or service your company provides. You pay a certain amount “per click” that ideally negated by conversions.

Our NXT GEN WEB PPC team balances ad quality, cost-per-lead and overall profitability to make sure companies get the most out of their PPC campaigns. Once a lead clicks on your ad, the functionality, user experience and look of your website plays an important role as to whether it converts. We build websites with the specific purpose of converting leads, particularly working in conjunction with PPC campaigns. Successful PPC advertising is a comprehensive endeavor that requires experience and savvy to be successful. We bring a wealth of experience that translates to increased traffic to your website and ultimately higher profits.

Our Process

Efficiency and effectiveness are vital to paid search.

01. Analysis & Planning

We take an intimate, in-depth look at your target audience’s online behaviors and patterns to produce to tailor your PPC campaign specifically to their needs.

02. AD Copy

We next focus on wordsmithing the perfect ad copy that addresses your target audience in a convincing, yet amicable manner.

03. Analysis & Conversion Optimization

Our work does not end once your ads are live. We continually monitor analytics and make adjustments accordingly to make your PPC campaign as profitable as possible.

04. Keywords Research

All keywords are not created equal. We select the most effective and popular keywords among your specific audience which maximizes ROI on your ad budget.